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Who's Hatsune Miku?

"Hatsune Miku" whom it sprouts, and sing own composition by a "moe"sprouts voice

The software that virtual idol "Hatsune Miku" sprouted and sang by a voice of 16 years old appeared when I input my own melody and text.


Hatsune Miku. 158 centimeters tall, 42 kg in weight. The proud music genre is idol pop music and pop music pro-dance.

When the media input a melody and a text recently in 2,007 COPYRIGHT Crypton Future Media krypton future, it released music production software "Hatsune Miku" who sang the music by the composition sound of the voice of the woman.

I regenerate it by the composition sound that it was made a voice of Saki Fujita of the voice actor with the setting that virtual idol "Hatsune Miku" sings by the cause of 16 years old.


The software that utilized technology "VOCALOID 2" of Yamaha which could make the composition sound of the singing voice that was real for the cause in a human voice.

The call of Hatsune Miku "is good at pop music and a ballad, and is most suitable for an animated cartoon song". The quality of voice is very charming, and it is said that upper register and upper register out of 清 sleeve possible れんな going up for growth to the sky are attractive at all.

I perform the editing of the melody with a piano roll type screen displaying the length of the sound in a vertical axis on an interval, the cross axle. The text inputs it by a hiragana letter, katakana, a Romaji.

I bet vibrate on a voice and can make a chorus and harmony of 16bps Cal with others comprising the function to change quality of voice, the best.
The musical piece that I made can do an opening sentence in a WAV form.

September 03, 2007 IT media news.


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